A Kind Man

In June, London Concertante are joining with New Palace Opera to present the world premiere of ‘A Kind Man’, based on the novel by Dame Susan Hill and composed by Jonathan Finney.

London Concertante are delighted to be part of this unique project and also to revive this connection with Jonathan and New Palace Opera, a collaboration which goes back nearly thirty years, when as Palace Opera, London Concertante were their orchestra of choice for a series of productions at London’s South Bank, Holland Park, the Edinburgh fringe festival, and national tours.

Tuesday 7th June
7.30 pm
Hoxton Hall

Wednesday 8th June
7.30 pm
Hoxton Hall

Thursday 10th June
7.30 pm
Hoxton Hall

Sunday 12th June
4 pm
Hoxton Hall


Tommy Carr: Gerrit Paul Groen

Eve, his wife: Rebecca Afonwy-Jones

Miriam, her sister: Lizzie Holmes

Arthur, Miriam’s ten year-old son: TBC

Doctor McElvey: Nicholas Morris

Henry Arnold, a young man: Kieran White

Daphne Arnold, Henry’s sick mother: Zoe South

Understudies: soprano Becca Marriott; tenor Robin Whitehouse; and bass Will Frostwell.

The London Concertante will be conducted by Jonathan Finney.

About his opera Jonathan says:

“I was thrilled by the recording of selections of A Kind Man with London Concertante last year, so I already know that having them as partners in this project ensures that the music of my opera will be presented in the best of all lights.

I’ve been a long-time fan of Susan Hill [of The Woman in Black fame,] and her novel, A Kind Man really hits a chord with some of my own experiences of lover and loss.

When I first read the novel in 2011 I thought it would make a great opera. But it wasn’t until 2018 that I bit the bullet and asked Dame Susan Hill for permission to write an opera based on this book, and I was immensely  gratified when she said yes.”